Case Study

Sales Immersive Programme + Leadership

27% Regional Business Growth Achieved Alongside Record Turnover and Profits for Financial Services Organisation

A leading Financial Services organisation specialising in data optimisation for businesses, empowering them to make informed decisions while managing risk and compliance. The client sought to enhance profitability and equip their leadership teams with the necessary skills and knowledge to deliver thought leadership and insights at the C-suite level.

The Challenge:

The newly appointed Chief Commercial Officer for EMEA set ambitious growth targets, including a 22% revenue increase and a 7% improvement in Net Promoter Score. However, several challenges hindered this vision:

  • Culture: Sales and Commercial Directors exhibited excessive leniency with clients, lacking accountability.
  • Customer Feedback: Some customer segments provided negative feedback, highlighting areas of dissatisfaction.
  • C-suite Gravitas: A lack of commanding presence and influence at the C-suite level impeded decision-making and strategic alignment.
  • Value Proposition Communication: Ineffective communication of the value proposition due to knowledge gaps, confidence issues, and credibility concerns.

Focus28 Solution:

Combining all initiatives listed below Focus28’s Pioneering Immersive Sales Development Programme was introduced.

  • Extensive Research: Conducted external benchmarking research to define excellence in the industry.
  • Cultivating Culture: Assessed Sales and Commercial Directors to cultivate a Challenger Culture, fostering dynamic discussions and innovation.
  • Leadership Development: Nurtured leaders to enhance their presence and gravitas to enhance leadership efficacy.
  • Knowledge Assessment and Coaching: Implemented a knowledge assessment app and provided coaching sessions.
  • Structured Mentoring: Established a framework with ambassadors leading thought leadership projects.
  • E-learning Integrated: Collaborated with providers to integrate e-learning initiatives for comprehensive learning experiences.
  • Personalised Coaching: Incorporated Insights Discovery profiling and coaching for tailored development.


  • Exceeded growth targets with a 27% increase in business regionally.
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction Net Promoter Scores by 7%
  • Leadership competencies enhanced by 36%, reflecting increased professional presence, thought leadership and value positioning.


Through targeted interventions addressing cultural, communication, and leadership challenges, the Financial Services organisation achieved significant growth and fortified its position as a thought leader in the industry. The implementation of Focus28’s Immersive Leadership Programme with all the comprehensive learning experiences and strategic initiatives propelled the organisation towards its ambitious goals, laying a strong foundation for continued success.

Quotes from leaders:

"You now have a room full of people who really believe they have a stake in the business and have the freedom to make a difference, nearly everyone talked about experiencing a real mind-set shift, which is an incredible thing to have accomplished in just two days."  Executive Director

"I used the 4P’s model straight away. It has certainly helped me in fine-tuning my value message with customers. And it certainly helped move the meeting to the next level with the customer." Commercial Director

"One of the best training courses I have ever been on and extremely challenging." Sales Director

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