Boost Sales Performance to Increase Revenue

Are you a time poor sales professional keen to improve your performance?
Or feeling overwhelmed by demands?
Perhaps your sales team has lost its edge?


In today's dynamic business environment, organisations are constantly seeking ways to elevate sales performance and gain a competitive edge.

One proven strategy for achieving these goals is through sales booster coaching sessions, complemented by the introduction of best practice models and frameworks. These tailored sales coaching sessions provide sales professionals with invaluable insights, strategies, and tools to enhance your effectiveness and drive results.

Targeted Sales Intervention to Improve Sales.

The Focus28 Sales Booster Package may just be the solution you need to:

  • Quicken the sale.
  • Improve productivity.
  • Increase profitability.
  • Sharpen decision-making.
  • Build credibility and confidence.

The 90-Minute Sales Booster Package.

Focus28 will consult with you to determine which areas you or your team needs to address, and together we will identify goals to work towards during your coaching.

Your Booster Coaching package includes:

  • 6 x 90-minute virtual sessions over 12 weeks.
  • For group or 1-2-1 coaching.
  • Experienced sales coach drawing on 25 years’ experience in complex and high-pressure sectors.
  • Best practice models and frameworks to drive change and improvement.
  • Relevant materials/resources for coachee to support development.

Some of the more popular topics or challenges we’re asked to help with:

  • Deep dive: Understanding client needs
  • Mindset Matters
  • Crafting Problem Statements/Value
  • Difficult Conversations
  • Negotiation Tactics
  • Disruptive Questions
  • Implication Questions
  • Archetypes
  • Solution Mapping
  • Close with Confidence

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  • Identify sales expectations V reality.
  • Deliver impactful insights driven solutions.
  • Improve articulation of value proposition.
  • Improve positioning solutions against client needs.
  • Increase sales confidence and delivery.


Words from those we work with.


Director Credit Risk and Fraud Services



We had intense targets this year, an increase in revenue growth by 22%. This Sales Leadership Programme has made a huge impact to how I focussed on utilised my leadership capabilities to build firm long term relationships. We have a new partner which has enabled us to bid for a piece of business with a major bank we would not have been able to previously… the outcome in Q3… $1m NBQ!


Commercial Director, Provenir


Corinne Lleti

We were looking at the best way to validate that a remote sales force had absorbed the learnings from an intensive on-boarding programme and were applying them in a consistent and effective way. We worked closely with Manjit to create a role play onboarding simulation which followed the life of our opportunity, with all the key stages. This allowed us to see in a near real life example how our sales team were operating in front of our prospects. Manjit was brilliant at working with us to ensure the simulation mirrored our real-life sales process and listening to us to develop the relevant training material as well as the practical sessions. This exercise brings value in multiple ways: It gives us an excellent idea of how the induction learning has been absorbed and applied. It enables us to create individual development plans after watching team members in action. It highlights any themes that have not been generally understood and correct our on-boarding programme to address these for future cohorts. It builds a real sense of team spirit between remote working colleagues which gives them a support network to call on going forward.


Principal Consultant, Credit Management, Experian


Herman Peeters

I understand why Manjit is an Award Winner in Leadership and Growth Coaching. I have worked with her in many (Sales) leadership trainings in the past years, more recently had the opportunity to get personal coaching. She is a nice and smart person to work with, even more important, gave me honest, critical, and therefore valuable feedback on my professional presence and performance. In personal coaching, by constantly asking the right, in-depth and direct questions, she helped me to find back my personal strengths, and even more important, showed me a way to help improve my balance between private and business life. I have, thanks to her, a better view of my dreams and my goals to achieve. I really can recommend Manjit as your team- or personal coach.


Sales Excellence & Business Management Director, Microsoft


Joanna Couture

Manjit hits just the right balance between challenging her leaders, demanding critical thinking about self-improvement and achieving leadership potential, whilst also nurturing, encouraging and inspiring her coaches. The yearlong coaching programme that Manjit accompanied me through, took me along a pathway of having a hard look at my competencies in a mirror, facilitating my exploration of a number of potential improvement options, getting me to a decision point and then encouraging and challenging me through the execution of my chosen route. It was a really emotional and not always comfortable journey, but I knew I was in great hands. Manjit has had an ongoing impact on my career and my achievements. I would heartily recommend working with Manjit as a coach and leader - she is supremely creative, never settles for second best. Masters the power of silence (watch out!) and is truly committed to her clients.


CEO, NAVAX Software GmBH


Martina Neumayr

Fortunately, I joined the various European Commercial leadership programme courses, that included high performance development, solution and strategic sales skills, that Manjit developed and led. She also tracked the development and supported these afterwards. Her coaching’s really were one of the most outstanding ones across my whole business life on both, personal growth, and business impact. She is fantastic on getting people motivated to learn, develop, connect, track, make a difference. Manjit, thank you for all your great challenger sessions. You are a win and value driver for your Coachees. Really making a difference and I will always remember you and our get togethers.


Director and Lead Interior Architect



It was a pleasure to work with Manjit, who is skilled in her area of expertise. She is a great listener and was attentive to my professional needs. I encountered many challenges as a start-up founder, including hiring, setting up a successful sales strategy to win business leads and growing the business with a long-term vision. Manjit was able to dissect areas of concern within my firm and provided visual and written solutions that were easy to understand. I highly recommend Manjit to anyone considering her services. Her ability to identify solutions through a simple question and answer process has helped me develop a sales strategy, improve staff induction presentation and marketing strategy to grow my business.


CEO and Founder



I had long periods out of my business due to health reasons and there had been little drive behind the business. I needed to decide whether the business should be a lifestyle or plan to continue with growth and exit. Manjit helped me to see the wood for the trees both in my very busy personal life and with the business. I now have a focused business and started to invest deeper, I am starting to see the early signs of results coming through the business, people and me personally. Manjit’s style is very supportive, and I felt I could be at ease and discuss anything with her without any judgement. The advice and mentoring I received from her was sound and it gave me confidence to press on with my plans.