Case Study

Sales Onboarding Immersive Programme

Accelerating Sales Rep Productivity 6x quicker

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The Challenge:

The company, experiencing significant growth, had recently invested in an intensive sales onboarding program for newly appointed Business Development Representatives. However, ensuring effective absorption and application of learnings by the remote sales force posed a challenge. Focus28 was tasked with bridging knowledge gaps in product understanding and sales capability among sales representatives.

Focus28 Solution:

Consulting with the Sales Director for Europe, we gained insights into the sales process and client challenges. Collaboratively, we devised a role-play onboarding immersive programme mirroring the sales cycle. Insights Discovery Sales Profiling increased awareness of skills gaps. Through simulations, practical sessions, and coaching, we addressed these gaps. Group coaching sessions and structured validation ensured effectiveness and engagement.

Coaching Approach:

Individual and team coaching sessions were integrated to refine sales performance continuously.

Business Impact:

  • Enhanced induction learning absorption and application.
  • Individual development plans tailored based on observed performance.
  • Continuous improvement of onboarding programmes to address learning gaps for future cohorts.
  • Fostering a supportive team spirit among remote colleagues, creating a robust support network.

This case study illustrates how Focus28's immersive approach effectively accelerates sales reps' productivity, equipping them with essential skills and knowledge for success in real-world scenarios.

Participant Quotes:

"It enabled me to test boundaries and abilities in a safe environment."

"I showcased leadership qualities effortlessly, while coaching and supporting the team."

"The immersive programme pressure made me recognise my gaps in my knowledge and skills immediately."

"Competition between teams motivated us to strive for success."

Corinne Lleti, Director General Europe quoted:

"‘The immersive program revealed significant gaps, with two key business areas standing out: positioning Value Propositions and Negotiation Skills. In response, we initiated targeted additional training and coaching programs, addressing these specific areas to enhance competence and proficiency among the sales team.’"

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